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Wirda Elliesa Hussien
anyway i ade instargram people!! FOLLOW ME @wirdaelliesa

anyway i ade instargram people!! FOLLOW ME @wirdaelliesa


HI GUYS!!!! I HAVE NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW (DuoCaramel xo) me and ismadiana combine and buat our channl sendiri and insyallah we will be active in this channel.. we share bcos if she busy,i can upload. if i busy,she kan update. hehe so yah do SUBSCRIBE and like hehe i love you alls.

we dah tak active in our sendiri punya channel so kite share channel now. spread the love people mwamwamwa!!!!

video link:

new facebook

Hi everyone! i buat new fb acc so can ask me questions kat sane bcos some taknak kasi i msg because malu gt erwin eh ;P hahaha anw goodmorning readers!! 

facebook :Wirda Elliesa 


hi everyone.. sorry to say this but erm.. i akan stop blogging for awhile.. umm sorry.. you guys will understand.. for now i just need to get away from everyone f irst .. xoxo

haha LOOK at us bb! the first pic: bile kite first time jumpe. the 2nd one time my prom night hehe

awww look at me i dah beshar lah now dah kakak kakak hahaha k sorry. eh u see my face no wonder lah dulu u say i not pretty hahahaha tkla

my parents.. i got my mum’s mate(THANK GOD!!!!) my dad nye mate mcm forever sleepy .. droopy.. i got my dad’s nose-.- but ok la hor at least gt bridge HAHA and face shape my dad lips oso my dad. banyak org ckp i 100% hussein.. kesian mak aku dah penat2 beranak credit sume bapak. oh and telinga.. I got it from my dad. like elf sia hahaha like mouse u know.. i think my prangai oso my dad.. u guys try tgk ah ape muke i ikut mak…. lol eyebrows no.. my mum punye got high arch.. my eyebrows straight.. so yeah try spot la u all ;P